Sunday Drives

Sunday afternoon drives mean a stop by the bakery to pick up a bag of these or other treats for grandson’s lunches, of course. They close at 4:00 so we stop there first just in case we don’t make it back by closing.

There are always wonderful treats at Newman's Bakery.

There are always wonderful treats at Newman’s Bakery.

Sunday afternoon drives also mean learning roads not marked on a map,
driving down into a hollow over an old wooden bridge dark from the shadows of surrounding trees.

Sunday drives also include noticing if the windmills we are passing are decorative or working, enjoying the view as we find ourselves at the top of a hill or grade, and finding a surprise or two by the side of the road. We stop several times to catch shots like these.

Last Sunday I turned my head to the right and spotted this fellow just lookin’ up at us from a swail alongside the road.

Are you looking at us?

Are you looking at us?.

And I barely caught this barn cat before she took off.

1-2-3 please don't go

1-2-3 please don’t go!

Do you take Sunday drives? Where do they take you?

We brake for pictures, carefully. No worries. We’re on dirt roads so we don’t hold up any traffic.


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