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Me: Sitting on the back porch, enjoying our coffee, I tell Rick, “Look at that big bird on the fence. He’s bigger than a mocker, sparrow or bluebird. I don’t think it’s a crane.”
Him: “What bird?”
Me: “1-2-3-4-5”
Him: “Where?”
Me: “I’m trying to GPS them for you. Five panels to the left of the tree.”
Him: “I only see two, not five.”
Me: “Not five birds, I was just trying to give you a location by counting five fence posts to the left of the big oak.”

He gets up to take pictures and then returns and sits down at his “office” laptop on the porch to blow them up.

Him: “They look like geese or ducks.”
Me: “They’re whistlers!”

He looks at me wondering how in the world I knew that.

This is for Teresa at TexWisGirl who taught me about whistlers. Look what Rick captured this morning south of you…your goofy birds.

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