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I'm the proud wife of my husband, devoted father of our two girls and grandfather of one, dedicated son-in-law, brother-in-law, real man who prays, rancher, entrepreneur. After teaching high school for 33 years my life is now filled with fun choices. Those choices include traveling to visit each daughter in their interesting surroundings, spending time at the farm, teaching at the local community college, consulting on state level and national level foreign language projects, tutoring, and volunteering for our church. I am the daughter of a rocket scientist and college language professor. My father was a Dutchman raised in Mexico and my mother was an only child of only children raised in the Pacific Northwest. I rather feel suspended between two cultures. Nicolas Guillén's "Balada de los dos abuelos" resonates with me. I try to synthesize both cultures and be who I am. My dream is to have my own business someday because I believe I can identify with a broad spectrum of folks.

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