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Is it almost February?  Goodness, it was a wonderful Christmas and January that lulled me into fireplace fires, crock pot dinners, looking forward to picking up grandson from school, friends and family on weekends.

It’s the little things for me, and the momentous things for family and friends that I have enjoyed this month. 

1.  I loved that older daughter went to NYC where she has never been before.  Yep, this world traveler had never been there and she was there on New Year’s Eve.  But then, she’s young.  She’s still doing and traveling and doing and traveling some more.

Of course, she texted memorable photos…

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Her photos brought smiles as I remembered this trip to the Guggenheim back in the 70’s.

And she brought home great gifts. It reminded me of the special things my Dad used to bring to us and Rick used to bring home for the girls after making a business trip.

2.  She also, went to Austin on business.  She wanted to find grandson another snow globe for his now growing collection.  Only this globe she brought home is a “bat globe.”  No snow.  You see, Austin is famous for its bats that come out from under the Congress Ave. bridge in March and April and fill the skies above The Driskill Hotel.  Yep, she knows her son; grandson loved it.  If you’re intrigued at all, you can youtube the bats flying out from under the bridge in Austin or read about them here.

Batglobe from the Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX

Batglobe from the Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX

3.  I enjoyed reading your posts and commenting, not posting, simply commenting.   Getting organized for two new courses, scheduling the consulting work and keeping up with grandson’s homework and volunteering simply overwhelmed the creative part of posting which I have missed. 
It was these creative moments that consumed me since I last posted December 21.

4.  The first week back at school for grandson, I was back at the Dragon Store collecting dragon dollars for a free an extra recess and watching the show as these young ones decided where to spend their money. As I collected dollars, a young mother friend adjusted the mercury (made with Christmas curly ribbon) on the thermometers to see which class would win an extra recess…not “free recess” as these smart kiddos pointed out to us.  Over the holidays, grandson had helped me stretch out on the living room floor and make these thermometers for every class in order to track the dollars.  Coincidentally, younger daughter also, teaches where their mascot is the dragons so she contributed, too, with the wood block cut out dragons.  It turned into a family project and grandson took notice.  I know because he dropped a dollar into his class’s bag.

5. More randomness on MLK Day. We had pizza last Monday on MLK day. You may remember my post last year about eating pizza on this holiday. You see, grandson did an MLK project back in first grade made with a pizza box, slices of info about MLK and we read them again at dinner. No, we didn’t pull out the actual box (remember, we moved and it’s well…somewhere), but thank goodness WP had that post tucked away in the blog under January, 2014! I wonder how many more years he’ll let us do this?

6.  Remember the buzzard I missed back last summer?  Well we got a second chance to photograph this big bird. Rick caught this one and I promise you it wasn’t fanning its wings to cool down from the heat.  Brrr…it is chilly here.

Ta-dah...another chance came at the end of December to capture this amazing wing span. photo credit Rick Sullins

Ta-dah…another chance came at the end of December to capture this amazing wing span. photo credit Rick Sullins


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