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I’ve been a bit scarce in blogging for several reasons. New house. Helping daughter. More responsibilities in my consulting.

And, at WP I wasn’t able to render photos as I wished. If I posted a photo that required you readers to click to enlarge, zip, nada, nothing enlarged. The result was disappointing. It just didn’t render what I visualized. In short, I found posting and photos in particular, discouraging.

Then lo and behold, a fairy godfather dropped out of the cyberspace heavens to lend a hand ‘er wand. Visualize fairy dust sprinkling over my edit screen during my spring break like WP snow over a post in December.

At first in the lower right hand screen I saw a friendly “Howdy.”

“Who can that be?” I wondered. I chose not to respond.

hmmm…only Texans from A&M say “howdy.” The Howdy message persisted. It looked friendly, credible, reliable enough and even familiar as the Howdy appeared in white letters in a blue rectangle. It beckoned to me like the white font that says Publish before we push the button. If you have ever published posts on wp, you know what I’m referring to.

Then I saw an offer I couldn’t resist. “How can I help?” a CHAT screen typed. So I answered him. I told him, my WP angel, everything about the one big thing that was troubling me in my wp experience.

“You know the hovering hand that you can click on so readers can enlarge the image? I just can’t get my computer or ANY computer to produce the hand thingy.”

I continued, “Once upon a time, it worked for me. If you go to my earliest posts and click on any image, the hovering hand assured readers that when clicked the photo would enlarge.”

He felt my discouragement, pain and anguish. He LISTENED.

He stayed with me as I toggled between screens following his directions. He continued to flash his emoticon grin 🙂 in encouragement. He exercised patience as he coached me from start to finish.

And then it happened, the answer to my question, when everything became clear to me. Thank you, Andrew. Yes, my WP angel’s name is Andrew. I’d call him a happiness engineer but the fact is I never requested him. I did post my question on a forum that closed about a month ago. And then, magically he just showed up in the form of a Howdy message in the lower right hand corner of my screen. How did he know I had a burning desire to enable “click to enlarge?”

Andrew You’ll see “Attachment Display Settings”
Andrew Which includes “Links to”
georgettesullins ok…let me toggle on over
georgettesullins okay…I’m smiling…yes, I see that
Andrew Great. 🙂
Andrew So “Attachment page” will be a page on your site that shows the larger image.
Andrew And “Media File” Will be the full size image just by itself.
georgettesullins WOW o WOW!!! THANK YOU, Andrew! Who can I sing your praises to? BOTH WORK.
Andrew Yay, glad it all worked. 🙂
Andrew Thanks for being patient
georgettesullins I’ll say bye now…btw How do I access CHAT when you don’t fall out of the sky?
Andrew Right now we just have chat available when we’re online. We’re working to get it to be around 24/7 this year, though.
Andrew So you should start seeing it around more and more often.
georgettesullins Cool…I’m glad I won today’s lottery.
Andrew 🙂
Andrew Have a good rest of the afternoon!

And now dear blogging friends, (with Andrew’s help) I’ve done it. He revealed to me the secret. Click on the images below from former Good Fences posts and they will ENLARGE!

Hawk looking and resting photo credit: Rick Sullins

Hawk looking and resting
photo credit: Rick Sullins

Mourning doves on barbed wire  photo credit: Rick Sullins

Mourning doves on barbed wire photo credit: Rick Sullins


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