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With the anticipation of Christmas, Santa’s elves had to have been communicating with our gas companies.

With each passing week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, gas prices came down a few more cents. Thank you, Santa.

The lowest they got for us in these parts was $1.55 in January. Here’s evidence of them heading that way.

However, surprise, surprise, Christmas is truly over now and a Happy Valentine I am not. Gas prices are coming back up. This week saw $1.99 at our pumps.

Perhaps one way I can save at the pumps is to just stay put, rather than move from country house to older daughter’s in the city to younger daughter’s north of us. But if the truth be known, I rather like gallivantin’ around.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to stay with younger grandson so his parents could go to work. Poor guy had the flu and was feeling all sorts of miserable. From one day to the next I found myself 200 miles away. Rather than take the roads, I flew this journey. As I awoke in the middle of my first night there staring up at green phosphorescent stars shining down on me, I asked myself “Where am I?” Then, I remembered I was at daughter and son-in-law’s house in grandson’s bedroom. “Shhh…do not make a sound,” I reminded myself. “Let him sleep. Oh please do not wake up.” By the end of the week he was much better to go back to preschool on Monday.

I flew back to Houston and found not only Rick greeting me at the airport but this space-cow assuring me I was nearly back home.

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It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week and today is RAK day this February 13. I look forward to remembering this day even more than Valentine’s Day. Yes, the CD Romanza still plays on my car CD player at this time of year, but I’m always on the lookout on days that I’m driving in the city for folks who could use one of these to help them along.

Beanie wienies, canned sausages, juice and tissue.

Beanie wienies, canned sausages, juice and tissue.

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