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I have a blogging friend who loves ice cream. She can buy pints of it and eat all of it in one sitting. hmmmm and yum…She dedicated whole posts to the joy and delight of eating it. When I wrote a post about another brand, there she was commenting on the pleasures of eating her brand. It didn’t take long to find out her favorite brand was Ben & Jerry’s. Once I found that out, I wondered which flavor she liked. It didn’t take long for that to be revealed either. ta-da — Phish Food!

Oh no, I thought. Is that a sign that I’m being phished on the internet? Is this an attempt to reveal my own favorite flavor? Am I really going to swallow that bait?


So I sent my husband out from our home,
to find that phish food to see if twas real.
I wasn’t going to fall for a clone,
for this blogger–it had to be the real deal.

Real it was…
Home he returned with a pint of that stuff.
Oh, I was assured, so it isn’t virtual.
“What’s in it?” I asked, “is a pint enough?”
The good news — sodium, fiber, vitamins.
The bad news — fats, sugars, cholesterol.

So right from the pint with spoon in hand
I raised it up high, my mouth salivating.
hmmm…hmmm…remember When Harry Met Sally?
In that pint — I had what she was having.

Creamy goodness on the roof of my mouth,
lip-smacking bad news so much better.
My spoon kept digging all the way south.
Half way down and then it was over.

So I went out to find still another.
Eureka! I found one as good as the other.
As good as the other? Is there something better?
There has to be, got to be one even better.

Ameri-cone Dream, Boston Cream Pie,
Banana Split, Buzz and Cherry Garcia,
Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Therapy
everything but the…, Late Night Snack.

Which is my favorite? Must I reveal?
I know life’s better now, Phish Food’s not bait.
Life is Better with a Pint of Vermont’s Finest!
Go — go do your research and weigh back in.



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