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Monday afternoon brought me quite a surprise: a new blog award. The 7 x 7 Link Award was given to me by Dianna over at These Days of Mine. Thank you, Dianna. I’m honored for the nod! And at the end of the year, this offers me a chance to review and reflect on past posts.

Receiving this award is a bit different than the others I’ve been given. I am to review all of the posts I’ve written so far and select the ones I feel are the most appropriate in 7 different categories. Then, I’m to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers.

As we get to the year’s end, it’s been fun work to look back and reflect on these categories. If you missed any of these previous posts, I hope you’ll click on the link to take a look.

1.) Most Beautiful. Last spring I was reading the blog of my niece as she studied in London and took side trips to Europe. Sevilla, Now and Then captures her beautiful pictures of a city I remember so well. Creating a photographic duet I placed her spring, 2011 pictures next to similar photographs I had taken around her same age when I visited back when. “The Flowers of Balboa Island” was liked by readers, too.

2.) Most Helpful. Perhaps my most helpful post was a recent one on how to make lump free gravy. It appeared #6 in Google under the search term “lump free gravy.” The Thursday before Thanksgiving it received over 100 views as I imagine folks were thinking of Thanksgiving just a week later.

3.) Most Popular. “So You Think You Can Draw” brought the most comments.

4.) Most Controversial. “I’m Out of Chanel” was a subtle tip to Santa for what I want for Christmas. Many blogging friends commented on their favorite fragrances and others reminded us to be mindful of those who suffer from hay fever and migraines upon smelling fragrances.

5.) Most Surprisingly Successful. My first post was a happy birthday message to my aunt in September, 2010. Although it has received relatively few comments, perhaps because every one has an aunt, and every aunt has a birthday, it consistently appears in my search engine terms and has had several hundred views. The Good Greatsby was kind enough to explain that to me. Go figure!

6.) Most Underrated. “Bob Hope and Papa Charles” received relatively few comments. So if you were enjoying Memorial Day, attending a parade or picnic instead of reading this post, here it is.

7.) Most Pride Worthy. “Guess What?” was a tribute I wrote about my father and “What’s Next: The End of an Era” was a chance to reflect on my dad’s participation in the space program. “Can you be there by 9:00?” is a story about Daughter #2.

And now, here are the 7 blogs that are my choices to receive this award:
The Island Traveler Thank you to IT for a Liebster nod as well. Christmas is here sending cheer. If any of my recommendations would like to pick up that award, please feel free to do so but the rules are a bit different. IT explains well how to proceed to accept the Liebster award.
The Learner’s Edge
The Self-Styled Life

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