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You know her already if you have visited me in the past. Morning Fire by Don Crowley. As the temps dip again, Rick brings me more firewood to keep our fireplace burning warm.

"Morning Fire" by Don Crowley, American Cowboy Artist

“Morning Fire” by Don Crowley, American Cowboy Artist

What a community we have here. Thank you for your condolences upon the death of my dear Aunt Bets.

Most of all, perhaps, I’m struck with the fact that if I hadn’t written that first post, I’m not sure I would be writing to you now. But make no mistake, Aunt Bets and my entire family have compelled me to write and have propelled me through just under 300 posts thus far. [I know the majority of you exceed that.] I’m humbly grateful for your following.

Our community has spoken to me about three’s recently. [@ Mama and Melissa]
Yes, my past week, in addition to Aunt Betsy’s death has added 2 and 3. Good and not so good things in just one week. Good thing #2, D1 is back in CA with two great job offers, and today Good thing #3, we received TWO offers on the city house.

Looking back at 2010, I was really good at talking myself out of things. Post? on the internet…maybe. I will continue to post later than sooner. I have one scheduled for this Sunday, and then, I think it may be April until you all hear from me again via posts.

Thank you, you all for your love, support and understanding. Changes are a coming.

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