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13317117563_c095d0b958_q Linking up with Good Fences.

Last week I focused on the red of the season in the country. This week I couldn’t help but notice all the green at this time of year. You will have to scroll all the way down to see the front gate to the yard.

The green garlands wrap the pillars along the square.

The green garlands wrap the pillars along the square.

Our small town decorations hang above the traffic below.

This little green tractor does a good job standing on the side of the road looking cute.

I looked to the right along the road –“ho, ho the mistletoe”

I can’t miss the front driveway marked by the grove of pines.

The holly yaupon is growing high over the barbed wire fence meeting the pine cones in the trees above it.

As I drive up the driveway I see the calves are finding green bermuda to graze.

And then the prettiest sight I see is the green wreath that hangs on our own front yard gate. (Bing Crosby always rings in my ears this time of year.)

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