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By Rick, georgettesullins.wordpress.com

This weekend my husband was in our latest church musical production. He has enjoyed singing since his Navy Blue Jacket choir days. He had words and music to learn (♪”…we’ve got sunlight on the sand, we’ve got moonlight on the sea…”), dance moves to practice…and for the past couple of years, he has taken on set building. Last year it was rectangular prisms with scenes painted on canvass. The stage hands would simply turn the prisms on casters around to create the next scene. He multiplied the possibilities by also creating a rectangle set on a spindle that could create not just one scene per side but two with a spin of any rectangle inside a rectangle. So each prism could generate eight scenes. (No, I’m not about to go into another math challenge.) He enjoys participating so much.

This year he created a marquee for the production “On With the Show.” He consulted with friends and local vendors and was inspired to dream up a design all on a budget! A tight budget!

Remember the garage that I proudly declared could now park two cars? Well, maybe we can return to that next week…but, not this week. A clean garage was short-lived since our garage space turned into “Productions Unlimited and Set Building.” Sigh! How can one be neatly organized when we’re just too busy living life?

Our next door neighbor was keenly aware of what was going on in our garage as their bedroom window faces the garage driveway. During this project, Rick was always considerate in scheduling his sawing not past 9:00. My reminding him to keep his voice down after 9:00 confused him though since by the very fact he wasn’t sawing, he was satisfied that things were quiet. Our garage door needs WD40 or something similar. Oh, how it creaks, groans and squeals at midnight! (I’m the silent worrier.)

No worries. Our neighbor came by the morning after the midnight session to ask if he could help. The guys started talking about Gorilla Glue when he noticed a large bottle laying about. Rick told him not to buy any, that he had plenty. And, they discussed all the properties of gorilla glue. Use only a dot because that stuff “grows”.

Finally, our neighbor helped Rick load the project into the bed of the truck. As he left he added “I’ll be back whenever I need to glue any gorillas together.”

And off the marquee went to find its place on stage. TGF Gorilla Glue, not a single letter fell down. Here it is…ta-dah!!!


I love home grown productions. The talent is amazing and the sense of family in pulling it all off, creates a lasting bond of pride and memories. Since the production was in a dinner theatre format, I was working in the kitchen on Friday. My role was clear as I wore my wildflower print apron…set up salads–leafy salads, 3 tomatoes, croutons and grated parmesan on top…√, √, √, √. Served up green beans…”don’t be skimpy”…chicken tetrazzini and garlic bread, not letting that green bean juice soak the bread. As quickly as those were served up –> to the dishwasher. Oh, velveeta cheese turns into concrete fast!

I stole all the peeks I could because I loved watching a sixty something dad dance with his thirty something daughter (♪”Shall We Dance?”*), another dad sing with his third grade daughter (♪”I Don’t Need Anything but You”**) and professional friends show us a move or two (♪”I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair”***). On Saturday I sat among the spectators taking in more in chronological order, not in previews (♪”Music of the Night”****). Yes, every dot of glue grew and is stuck together in my memory (“♪Memory”****).

And now, it’s Sunday…gotta clean out the garage. We have a car and a truck to park inside. “♫five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes♫”***** till we go on with the next show!

Note: Songs from The King and I*, Annie**, South Pacific***, The Phantom of the Opera****, Rent*****

What is/are your favorite Broadway show tunes?

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