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It’s October and my husband’s birthday is this weekend. Now what should I give him? The answer came with Dianna’s post yesterday. She bestowed upon me the “One Lovely Blog Award.” I have been tagged twice before for two other awards and this one is as special as the other two. Thank you, Dianna for thinking of me, visiting and always commenting so thoughtfully. Friends, if you haven’t visited Dianna, she has one lovely blog at “These Days of Mine”. A native Virginian, she reminds me daily you do not have to look far for inspiration. It comes daily through her beautiful photo stories and keen eye.

So I proudly accept this award. As is usually the case, I’m to forward this on to 15 other bloggers and tell 7 things about me that I haven’t previously revealed. I’m choosing to list 8 bloggers instead of 15. I’m so glad this award came along so I could let them know how much I look forward to their posts and I find them very “lovely.” Now I need to come up with 7 things that I haven’t already told about myself, but I’ll give it a try. Then I’ll list the lovely blogs I visit. Now what does this have to do with my husband’s birthday? Read on.

1. My husband just started a blog of his own on Tumblr. He has no visions or dreams of being FP’d.
2. Along lovely lines, my husband carries a picture of me that he thinks is “lovely.” I gave it to him for his 40th birthday ? years ago. I happen to know he keeps one in his desk drawer and carries another around in his wallet.
3. I love to wear Ariat boots and jeans when I’m not in the classroom. They’re perfect for running around the house, the grocery store, climbing into the truck and roaming the farm.
4. I love shrimp. Huge prawns.
5. I love a lovely glass of white wine to go with the shrimp.
6. I have two lovely daughters, a handsome son-in-law and grandson. Here we are at a fall festival two years ago…daughter #1, my grandson’s mother is taking the picture and daughter #2 is having a discussion with grandson. Her husband is on the other side. See the Ariats? And yes, LD despite what I said in my comment yesterday here’s the evidence…I guess they do still squabble at all ages. My solution…stay oblivious.

7. What to give my husband for this birthday? Well, a “lovely” award for his young blog of a few months. Maybe he’ll even post the “lovely” teacup on his manly site. Visit him at The Way I See Things.

Now, the lovely part: nominating other blogs. I never know which bloggers like to receive awards. So I’m naming a few of the blogs I read. If your blog is listed, please feel no pressure to accept! If your blog isn’t listed (and you know that I’m a regular visitor), it’s either because you already have received awards recently, or I know you aren’t “into” blog awards. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the recognition today and the rise in views and visits.

1. TexWisGirl – TWG runs around her ranch and takes the most wonderful pictures. Like Dianna she doesn’t have to go far for inspiration. It is all right there on the ranch. Her monthly giveaway drawings of birds (and a squirrel) are beautiful.
2. jeanne’s blog…anolagirlatheart – is also in Texas although she is originally from LA. Check out the beautiful colors of our Gulf Coast crabs that I linked you to or tune into her musical tastes including Tom Jones.
3. NotesfromRumblyCottage – is the mother of three active boys. Since I had girls and only one grandson, I’m always interested in reading about the manly tastes in her household.
4. The Wordsmith – Leroy is a friend in faith. His daily posts offer quiet inspiration and always perspective. I appreciate his wise words rooted in experience.
5. Fabulous at 50 – Sherryl’s photography is gorgeous and radiates fabulous at 50. Her pictures reflect her travels here in the US and abroad. Just check out all the shades of lovely green in this Ohio park.
6. Stitch and Purl – is from the UK. She always posts something colorful and handmade or moments to cherish.
7. Notes from Africa – Lisa lives in South Africa and offers a view of a world I don’t know. Visit her blog too, to enter her humorous caption contests featuring the fauna of the RSA.

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