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The light of a new day shined into the room. It was a new day but where was I? I was waking up to the white blinds, the white walls and white doors and then I remembered I wasn’t home yet. I was in daughter’s apartment, my home in the city now during the week. She needs me now and so does grandson. But it’s Saturday morning, time for me to leave for the weekend and drive west to the tall pines, the goat weed and the grassy bermuda where the cows graze. I say my good-byes with hugs, kisses, a “See you Monday” and take off.

No need for the heater or the AC . I roll down the windows. The air is crisp. The rains during the week saw to that and the sky is so blue and clear. First I drive through the remains of the city: Auto Zone, fast food satellites on the edge of town, drug stores and strip centers. Then I cross the railroad tracks grateful not to be held up by a train. At last I reach the bends of the winding road telling me I’m getting closer to the town I must drive through. I drive over the river and glance over the guard rail never missing a chance to glance at the water level. Still low. All the while my mind is now fixed on reaching the front gate.

Not disappointed the gate is open. He is expecting my return early in the morning. I hear the crushed granite grind under the tires and throw itself on the wheel wells. Yes, the second gate is open, too.

I drive around the circle, grab a few things. Rick takes my picture and I ask him “What did I miss?”

"What did I miss?"

“What did I miss?”

“Two calves were born this week and there’s another one coming.”

He shows me these photos of a very little one. His eyes are barely open as he tries to stand up and mama cleans him.

Then he shows me another photo. “I call him question mark,” he tells me.
new calf 3

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