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It’s my mother’s birthday coming up. I have invited friends and family to honor her this month with a card shower and messages throughout her birthday month. In honor of her shower, over three Sundays in March I will add another paragraph or two about this amazing lady who is my mother, mom, mentor.

When I was about 12 I had a class project for English due on the long short story “The Man Without a Country.” I wrote something on notebook paper about a page long. Not too much thought went into it, and the presentation was lacking. I showed it to my mother who reviewed all homework in our house. She was ironing in the kitchen and I had worked for a very brief time at the peninsula. When she saw it, she said “You can do better than this.” She was right. She reminded me of a better piece I had written once before. (She recalled a reaction to John Glenn’s first orbit in space in which I wrote a piece from the perspective of Rocky the rocket…goodness the things she remembered!) So I rewrote it, this time on typing paper and upon seeing the iron just a few feet away from my spot at the peninsula, she had the idea of “aging” it with the heat from the iron. With her help we even lit a match and “aged” it further singeing the edges of the paper. Unlike Philip Nolan in the story by Edward Everett Hale who was a man without a country, I learned that afternoon I was a girl with a mother.

Grandmother Moesje, My beautiful mother and me

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