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There will be 25 to 30 at my mother’s for Thanksgiving.

And, as we celebrate Thanksgiving in just a week, I want to remember there are vegans in the family. So this is just a continuation of my post on serving up the perfect gravy. For some, the perfect gravy means no meat drippings. For some, Thanksgiving means no turkey, no ham, ribs, shrimp or giblets. I know this because as I help my mother host all these folks next week, we remember there are vegans amongst our clan. So there will be pasta, cabbage, potatoes in every form and color (did you know there are white sweet potatoes…they’re not just orangey yellow…Daughter #2 the science teacher finds this fascinating), fruit salads with and without marshmallows and whipped cream, brussel sprouts, asparagus, stuffing, biscuits and gravy.

So for the vegans and the rest of the clan, there will be gravy. My sister or I will cook minced garlic, about half a dozen mushrooms sliced and several slices of onion, chopped with several tablespoons of margarine. We will prepare the Mason jar with flour,salt, pepper, and sage. We will then pour the cups of milk with 2 to 4 tablespoons of soy sauce in the Mason jar and shake, shake, shake the flour and milk + soy sauce until frothy. Then we’ll pour it into the skillet/frying pan of vegan drippings. (Remember don’t shake warm ingredients with the milk/flour/soy.) What are the exact measurements? Don’t worry, it’ll come to you…just prepare and serve up with love. A little of this, a little of that.

Dessert? Pies, pies, pies: apple, peach, pumpkin, pecan, mince, chess. Carrot cake.

PS Last year I served up a Key Lime cake that was very green.

PPS Meat lovers and vegans liked all of these equally. However, my brother skips dessert; he doesn’t have a sweet tooth.

Under the cream cheese icing, a very green cake

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