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It’s raining, it’s pouring. The thunder and lightning would keep anyone from snoring. Yes, just a few short years ago we were lamenting a drought. Nowadays, it seems like a day has not gone by since March that we haven’t had thunderous, black cloud showers. The ground is saturated, the ditches are full and the Brazos River has swelled up the highest it has been in years.

The ditches along the roads are saturated and full. Our driveway leading to the yard is a causeway with water on both sides. The cows walk through the pastures and you can hear their hooves sloshing through water.

We have had twice our average rainfall each month since March, and since January, the rainfall has exceeded our average. Can the ground hold any more? The other day my husband posted on fb the photos below and quipped, “yes it rained a lot but I am going to find me a fat bug to eat.” The rain gauge registers 3.5 inches one day, and then another inch the next day. Even the mocker below seems to be reading it.

Why do I love my husband? He captured a moment like this.
mocker with bug
Grandson sang the national anthem with his choir at Minutemaid Park on Saturday. We watched him on the big screen jumbo tron. The Astros hit 3 home runs that night.

My mother called yesterday to report on the second graduation she is attending.

My brother and I had a date last week to award a scholarship to another recipient given in my parents’ names.

My heart is full.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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